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PHASE 9 - The Waxing BiNovile

KEYNOTE: Emergent new qualities claim a field for growth.

SCENARIO: Now viable and dynamic, the new qualities of being unfolding through the cyclic process deploy in a prelude to establishing a firm ground of operation. Earlier we saw how the new Quality revealed in the waxing decile phase received in the novile the nourishment it needed to begin to grow into its own. At the octile phase, growing momentum experienced its first restriction. Now substantial, vital, and differentiating, unfolding qualities need a broader field for growth into maturity.
      If the pull of the past still overpowers the urge to move forward, old patterns, agendas, and attitudes instead take deeper root, forcing futureward qualities into retreat. In either instance, the momentum of the process intensifies as it rushes toward the crucial moment when the forces of differentiation and integration (and principles of subjectivity and objectivity) are for a moment equally matched.

DYNAMIC: The rising power of differentiation can now be seen in the first "complex" aspect, the bi-novile. The last phase before the decisive waxing square, tension and expectation rise. The functional activities represented by the planetary pair should be experiencing swift growth and rapid expansion, yet long developing crises and confrontations may follow as mobilized new qualities of being and modes of behavior demand a field of their own.

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