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PHASE 7 - The Waxing Sextile

KEYNOTE: Getting to know the environment and learning how to interact with it.

SCENARIO: Focused, structured activity has brought the spontaneous, instinctive urge toward exteriorization that began during the conjunction to a phase of organized, productive activity. Since the semi-sextile, the cyclic process has featured vital, form-building activities and the development of faculties and instrumentalities; it will continued to do so until the opposition. Here mental powers and organized activities develop along with a growing body of knowledge and experience regarding the environment and how to interact with it.
      By now the unfolding process has assumed a more or less clear direction and form. If the creative spirit is allowed to operate, new systems and principles of organization are developed to meet the unprecedented needs of new qualities of being (or new levels of operation) unfolding though the cyclic process. When pastward forces determine the scope and nature the cycle, the powerful binding force of inertia tightens its often glamorous hold.

DYNAMIC: Having met obstacles on the path of expansion, the areas and activities symbolized by the planetary pair now features adaptive and productive activity within a defined scope. With the rise of the principles of multiplicity and objectivity, the archetypal new Quality of being has begun differentiating into a complex yet interconnected set of qualities and potentialities. Within the waxing sextile lies an emerging element of context and meaning.

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