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PHASE 27 - The Waning BiSeptile

KEYNOTE: The cosmos accepts and protects those dedicated to the path of transformation, empowering them to illuminate the way to a creative new day.

SCENARIO: Since the waning trine, the seed Quality unfolding through the cyclic process has inspired the formulation and dissemination of new social and spiritual ideals. Having faced personal shortcomings exposed in the light of such ideals, and resolute to go on into a creative future, the aspirant now becomes enthusiastically involved in the work of introducing and incorporating the new ideals into the fabric of the community. But the rising momentum toward group integration and the search for ultimate meaning many tempt the ardent seeker to go too far, too quickly, placing the aspirant in jeopardy. Yet here some higher force may offer the well-meaning and innocent aspirant unexpected or inexplicable protection.
      If the process of unfoldment has developed along mostly successful lines, the aspirant now becomes aware of acting as a conscious agent for the actualization of a new ideal on a social scale. But a growing sense of being overshadowed and protected by unseen, ever-present cosmic forces may develop a psychological dependency upon "fateful" or cosmic signs and symbols showing a course to pursue or an action to perform. If the new quality wasn't successfully realized at the opposition, and its implications weren't faced during the previous phases, a sense of being overwhelmed or victimized by greater forces may be felt. Other than embracing emergent ideals inspired by the new Quality, a fervent escape to the safe and secure ways of the past may seem the only release from an unbearable situation.

DYNAMIC: As the power of integration mounts, the cosmos empowers those in tune with its harmony, and, by contrast, exposes the discordant path of disintegration. Once again, the ardent and steadfast aspirant may experience for a moment the all-revealing Light of Wholeness.

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