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PHASE 8 - The Waxing Quintile

KEYNOTE: A capacity for bringing new qualities of being into manifestation.

SCENARIO: Wholeness acts through the human capacity for creativity. Here the cyclic process reaches the stage where creative human participation is required to bring new qualities into concrete manifestation. There is a perhaps significant symmetry operating between the need for human participation seen here and the seemingly cosmic intervention of the waxing septile. For the next step in the successful unfoldment of the new quality revealed in the decile phase to be realized, the eon now requires the contribution of an individual factor.
      It is the purpose of the eon to actualize as fully as possible such a new quality of being. Lacking such a quality, talent falls flat, skills become misdirected, and technology devoid of purpose other than the achievement of power, control, and profit ultimately turns on its creator. Deprived of a futureward directive, mental faculties turn upon themselves, producing formalism, tradition-bound ideologies, and cunning rationalizations meant to enforce and perpetuate old paradigms and their antiquated values and outmoded attitudes.

DYNAMIC: Here rising mental powers and increased objectivity, combined with the dynamic interplay featured in previous phases, makes possible the development of constructive skills, techniques, and procedures. Signaling the rise of individuality, mental faculties, and creative capacities, the waxing quintile phase brings to individual and collective humanity the capacity to work with or against the creative movement of Wholeness. It poses the question: to what use?

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