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PHASE 14 - The Waxing TriOctile

KEYNOTE: A driving force to overcome all obstacles on the road to attainment.

SCENARIO: Individual will and drive are at an apex, determined to overcome whatever obstacles are encountered on the way to fulfillment. The waxing trioctile carries the symbol of the irrepressible will and imagination that drives entrepreneurs and "self-made men" toward their envisioned goals, regardless of difficulties and opposition. Here plans and goals encounter "real world" demands, requirements and exigencies, which might be much different than those anticipated.
      If a pastward attitude controls the process, this powerful and individualizing phase provides energy which, if used appropriately, could enable realignment. If futureward, a "reality check" is in order. From here until the opposition phase, pastward forces exert a powerful pull capable of ensnaring the over-confident. Problems will also develop here if one comes to regard oneself as a power "unto itself," capable of standing alone against the cosmos.

DYNAMIC: In this dynamic and empowering phase, left-over problems and conflicts involving the life-department represented by the planetary pair may be better understood and resolved with the exercise of patience and perseverance. Here the momentum toward individualization culminates, bringing tests of fitness and commitment, bestowing an irresistible will to succeed.

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