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PHASE 34 - The Waning Novile

KEYNOTE: Consolidating the harvest of the closing cycle of activity and evaluating its worthiness.

SCENARIO: As the cycle moves into its closing phases, a harvest of experience is ingathered, evaluated, and essentalized. No cyclic process ever concludes as a complete success or as an utter failure. The fruits of the cycle are always mixed, yet nothing can be entirely dismissed or forgotten. Shortcomings, inadequacies, and failure are as much a part of the whole cycle as success, fulfillment, and realization. Mirroring the waxing novile of cultivation and nourishment, this phases witnesses the conclusion waiting all organic processes the parting of leaf and seed, disintegration or rebirth.
      There is always room for improvement in even a highly successful cycle. There are always new steps ahead and more inclusive levels of operation; too much self-satisfaction and contentment here could lead to complacience and a lowering of expectations during the course of the next cycle. Disintegration accelerates in the functional activities symbolized by the planetary pair if the cycle has been mostly unsuccessful in terms of realizing a new level of operation. Yet no cycle is ever a complete loss, no matter how unsuccessful it may seem, when the future is faced courageously, with a willingness to try again.

DYNAMIC: As the cycle moves toward closure, the seed of a new cycle is released. It may be a mind seed, a seed idea, the seed of a coming phase of life, or even the seed of a cultural movement. Yet it carries the essence of the closing cycle in a focused and condensed form. Within seeds the eon enfolds creative solutions to the needs of the coming cycle.

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