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HASE 30 - The Waning Quintile

KEYNOTE: Contributing one's capacities and capabilities to the service of a greater whole.

SCENARIO: A viable society be it a group of friends, a family, a nation or an emergent global community requires the creative participation of its individual members if it is to actualize its founding ideals and values. Unique contributions, great and small, must be offered willingly and wholeheartedly if they are to be authentically creative and enriching. Indeed, history shows the life-course of any society, regardless of its splendors and achievements, supported by enslavement and imposed participation.
      Whereas during the waxing quintile the eon required an individual factor to catalyze the unfoldment of the new Quality first revealed during the decile phase, in the waning quintile the eon requires the agency of creative individuals to actualize its many Unique aspects. If the direction of the cycle has been mostly futureward, a purposeful application of knowledge, experience, and insight gained during the cycle enables one to make a creative contribution to the whole. If individualism and separatism overpowers the movement toward integration, information, "know-how," and personal authority may be used for exploitive and self-aggrandizating ends. If the direction of the cycle is neutral (or if an earlier pastward orientation was turned-around during the waning hemicycle), this phase may operate in an involutionary manner similar to a waxing quintile.

DYNAMIC: The process is now moving into its final, ultimate series of phases. Deficiencies now cast long shadows which can deceived and entrap the aspirant in their glamour. To be a truly constructive and creative power in the world, one must first offer oneself and one's powers to the needs of the whole.

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