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PHASE 24 - The Waning TriOctile

KEYNOTE: A warm acceptance of relationship and a growing involvement with the basic issues of participation.

SCENARIO: Since the opposition, it has been no longer enough to merely pursue personal satisfaction and subjective fulfillment. All activities are now placed within a larger social or universal context. The opposition, and the first series of phases following it, worked to open up the objective world and to repolarize the operation of the cyclic process from activities dealing with the development of innate faculties, and the evolution of organic and psychological structures, to activities expanding understanding and purposeful participation within the most inclusive whole possible. What counts now is how the areas, activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair may enable the individual to make a purposeful and valuable contribution to the world.
      Whereas the phase opposite this one, the waxing trioctile, carried the symbol of impetuous youth first encountering limits imposed on his activity and growth, the waning trioctile carries the symbol of an artist showing his work and witnessing the public's response to it. If one's contribution is not in close accord with a larger need, or if not enough attention is given to the requirements and sensitivities of others, feelings of resentment or persecution may develop as a reaction to real or imagined rejection. Devolutionary instances may develop the negative attributes of the waxing trioctile and engage in sharkish social predatorship. A more productive response, however, will be one which includes a greater openness to objective facts and a friendly exchange of views and ideals.

DYNAMIC: As the principle of integration and a social sense expands, this demonstrative phase features a need to disseminate, share, and promote the new qualities of being unfolding though the cycle, and to show their place within a workable way of life. Here the aspirant meets challenges of integration and acceptance.

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