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PHASE 22 - The Waning Quincunx

KEYNOTE: The deeper implications of participation in a collective whole surface as social horizons expand.

SCENARIO: The openness to relationship featured in the waning quadnovile, and the intuitive sense of place and purpose experienced in the triseptile, have opened the way for a phase featuring initiation into fruitful social interaction and achievement. This phase carries the symbol of the young adult and his integration into a self-chosen group of peers. Group-experiences and shared values are highlighted in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair.
      Regression, falling back on habitual patterns, devolution and a gradual breakdown of relationship between the two planets become apparent if a mostly closed and pastward attitude controls the direction of the cycle. A growing lack of meaning and developmental context becomes evident in such instances. If a mostly futureward and inclusive attitude has been established, rapidly opening horizons and a flood of new experiences may at first confuse the aspirant. Now the intuitive vision of place and purpose revealed in the previous phase needs to be refined and developed, bringing it in tune with what is possible and needed. Yet the gradual rise of the principle of subjectivity may be reflected in unrealistic expectations and a withholding of self in relationship.

DYNAMIC: Here the results of the opposition phase become visible in the life-department as the functions of the planetary pair either pursue a meaningful path together or gradually disengage, perhaps becoming estranged. As a wider scope of experience opens under the guidance of the slower moving body of the planetary pair, group interaction and the exchange of energies, values, and ideals come into play.

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