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PHASE 3 - The Waxing Decile

KEYNOTE: The eon reveals a new Quality of being to be actualized through the cyclic process.

SCENARIO: It is not enough to merely repeat or glorify cycles past. Here the creative spirit of the eon reveals what could be, and offers an opportunity to gradually embody and give unique form to the new Quality of being answering new needs and possibilities. In a less transcendent sense, the new Quality revealed here could be analogous with a higher level of operation, or even a project or endeavor, to be realized step by step through the course of the cyclic process. Either way, in this step the creative spirit moving the cycle into the future first encounters the reticence of the past, and the inertia of its conventions, traditions and formal pattern.
      This early and subjective phase carries an easily disregarded opportunity to participate in creative tomorrows; to envision and embody a new Quality of being in substance. Yet during this phase the pull of the past and its memories of sorrow, happiness, success and failure may provoke inner turmoil and may even impair the capacity to recognize and face a creative future.

DYNAMIC: The pull of failed patterns acquired in the past may be strong, and it is easy to perpetuate past shortcomings and flaws involving the functional activities symbolized by the planetary pair. But now a new quality of being is revealed which, if we accept it, allows us to work creatively. The conjunction and semisextile brought the power and the need to be, but here we have the option of what to be.

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