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PHASE 18 - The Waxing QuadNovile

KEYNOTE: The eon embraces and protects viable, well-developed new qualities.

SCENARIO: Wholeness answers the needs of individualized qualities of being in the final drive toward fulfillment. In a sense this phase complements the waxing novile phase. The nascent new Quality of being nourished and cultivated there is now seen as a viable and fully mature set of differentiated and individualized qualities engaged in the closing phase of the vital, form-building waxing hemisphere. Whereas the novile provided the careful nourishment and cultivation required during the very first stages of growth, the quadnovile phase offers to protect any newly developed variation on the theme of the essential new Quality of being it is the cycle's purpose to unfold. Yet if the direction of the cyclic process is controlled by ego, fear or nostalgia a growing trend toward devolution becomes evident.

DYNAMIC: In this the last phase of the waxing hemisphere, whatever is unfolding through the cyclic process moves toward an ultimate test of fitness, a moment of truth revealing how well the potential of the cycle has been actualized. The principles of individuality and objectivity are about to peak, as the planetary pair prepare to directly face each other across their greatest distance. A sense of a new order of things should be developing in the life-department symbolized by the planetary pair. Here the eon seems to embrace whatever truly new and individualized qualities survive they are allowed to be.

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