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PHASE 25 - The Waning Trine

KEYNOTE: Seeing the whole picture.

SCENARIO: Cooperation with others and creative participation within a social whole requires insight into the attitudes of others and the needs of society. What commands attention here is not so much what is done but the quality, understanding, and life-philosophy informing and motivating action. Here an intuitive sense of continuity surfaces, and with it the development of an holistic understanding of the past and a vision of what is possible and needed in the future. The activities and functions represented by the planetary pair feature re-evaluation as old forms and concepts developed during the waxing hemisphere are revealed as outmoded and inadequate in light of the more inclusive and mature world-picture developing through the waning hemicycle.
      Challenges to a futureward mind come in the form of giving up sentimental and proprietary feelings connected with ideas, projects, people, things, and relationships. Its time to move beyond conflicts surfaced during the opposition and trioctile phases through transcending the problem of dualism and the closed-circuit of its either-or mindset. If the cycle of unfoldment has been mostly unsuccessful, here is an opportunity to understand how things went astray and to envision how the current cycle can provide a foundation for fulfillment in the next.

DYNAMIC: Whereas the waxing trine saw the mobilization and rapid growth of faculties and instrumentalities, the waning trine features an ingathering of experience and a growing concern with how the faculties and experiences of the life-department fit into a larger, more than personal, context. An emergent mind of Wholeness will illuminate the path to the future.

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