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PHASE 26 - The Waning TriDecile

KEYNOTE: Facing the implications of past actions, decisions, and allegiances.

SCENARIO: The expansive, inclusive picture of what is, and what could be, experienced during the waning trine now promotes a realization of the long-term ramifications of actions performed or neglected, decisions made or defaulted, and opportunities accepted or ignored. With such an encounter comes the challenge to confront and neutralize shadows of one's own creation, a victory made possible by self-understanding. In other words, this phase brings to light distortions and inadequacies impairing the actualization of the new qualities of being unfolding through the cyclic process; but it also signals the rise of individual will and skillful means required to remedy the situation . . . or to exacerbate it.
      If the cycle has succeeded in rising the activities and functions of the planetary pair to a new level of operation, problems and failures surfacing since the opposition become undeniable. Yet this, and the previous, phase brings the understanding, determination, and means to redeem the past. But now past shortcomings concerning the functional activities may haunt the aspirant to Wholeness, possibly giving rise to exaggerated feelings of inadequacy and guilt, or a crippling sense of despondency.

DYNAMIC: As the principle of integration approaches ascendency over the principle of multiplicity, the mindful individual is called to come to terms with his contributions to the whole. Out of it comes self-liberated from the past and its shadows. In this test of capacity, the aspirant must exercise her genius and exploit her inner resources to the fullest if she is to go on fearlessly into the light.

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