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PHASE 31 - The Waning Sextile

KEYNOTE: The enrichment a way of life and its social instrumentalities.

SCENARIO: The faculty of "whole-seeing" realized around the waning square and the new image of cosmos and anthropos it made possible are now put to constructive use by creative individuals consecrated to a new form of social organization and its way of life. Here the guiding visions and ideals of the previous phases become a living reality as forces integrating a community. In a sense, this phase complements the waxing sextile, but instead of featuring instinctual, outward and productive activity, it is geared toward deliberate, in-gathering activities dedicated to the elevation of shared ideals and experiences.
      Even in the highest and most inclusive context of the phase, the living reality of a new society and its way of life actualized here is to some degree inevitably flawed by the inadequacies and shadow elements of its architects and builders, as exemplified by virtually every social reform ever attempted. It can be seen in the 20th century by the aggressive and ruthless reforms of Fascism founded in a desire to return to the national glory of a long lost golden age and in even the finest attempts to establish spiritual communities, such as Sri Aurobino Ghose's Auroville in India. Shared values and ideals integrate all communities, but the members of any society are also conditioned by what their social paradigm excludes. On an individual level, if all has gone well this phase witnesses the implementation of new qualities in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair, otherwise it sees crystallization of shadow elements around whatever has not been integrated into the process.

DYNAMIC: In this constructive phase of implementation, the forces of integration now challenge the aspirant to accept oneself and all things as interrelated parts of a whole.

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