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PHASE 12 - The Waxing TriDecile

KEYNOTE: Maturing new qualities of being participate creatively in a larger scheme.

SCENARIO: Surviving the environment and the pull of inertia, the viable and substantial new qualities first revealed during the decile phase contribute what they uniquely can to a greater whole. In another sense, if all has gone well, the cyclic process should now be operating at a higher level than it was during the previous cycle. Yet a mature understanding of what it means to participate at such a level will not be realized until the waning hemicycle. For now, the direction of the cycle is set either futureward or pastward as the ramifications surfaced in the previous phase are dealt with.
      If a pastward attitude is assumed, old habits and fixed patterns of behavior tighten their ingenious grip. Yet here it is possible to see them for what they are. Exposed, eventually the hold of the past might be broken. If a mostly futureward attitude guides the process, it becomes increasingly important to recognize the factors of personal desire, purpose, and responsibility in individual action lest the aspirant confuses personal motives with cosmic intent.

DYNAMIC: Since the waxing square, productive, outward and practical activity has been on the rise while the cycle is drawn toward the opposition. Here creative potential may be tapped, catalyzing outward activity unto new levels. But the power provided may be used to perpetuate a sterile status quo, as well as to engender creative tomorrows.

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