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PHASE 33 - The Waning Octile

KEYNOTE: Unique exemplars of the Quality face tests of fitness as they perform at a more inclusive level of operation.

SCENARIO: In decisive moments the eon exposes individuals aspiring to Wholeness to situations requiring the fullest and most effective exercise of their capacities and abilities. Previous phases of the cycle constituted stages of growth and development, learning and consolidation, training and preparation, fulfillment and integration, vision and participation. Now the aspirant is called to perform effectively and self-sufficiently at the highest level he or she is able to attain in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. While the waxing octile saw a rush toward outward activity, this phase features an inward movement toward an intuitively sensed source. Attunement to it may inspire a desire to relive an ancient past, but working for new beginnings may be more productive in the long course.
      No matter how successfully integrated and fulfilled the cycle has been up to this phase, no potential is ever fully actualized. Shadows elements of some magnitude are always introduced into the process. Amid the perhaps intense activity of this phase, one needs to take a close and realistic look at the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. Denial and dogmatism may haunt the symbolic life-department when pastward or ego-bent forces have controlled the course of the cycle. If the course is ego-bent, the movement of subjectivity that has been in ascendance since the tri-octile may surface as a narissistic, "me" centered attitude toward society and relationship. In instances of a neutral or turned-around direction, this phase carries experiences, challenges and opportunities similar to those of the waxing octile.

DYNAMIC: As the ingathering, integrative arc culminates, catabolic forces peak in a rush of dissolution and disintegration. The coming of cycle's close is now undeniable. What counts now is the formation of seeds for a new beginning.

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