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PHASE 32 - The Waning Septile

KEYNOTE: Exemplars of a creative future, self-chosen Uniques modulate to a higher level of being, responding to the call to transformation sounded by the Quality actualizing through the cycle.

SCENARIO: Now comes the moment when the aspirant to the path of creative tomorrows is called upon to a embody a Unique aspect of the new Quality of being, to eventually make it a living reality and to act as its empowered agent of transformation in the world. It is no longer enough to see the need for new social and individual values and to work, and even fight, for their integration into the fabric of society, nor is it enough to embrace and understand the philosophical, metaphysical, and psychological principles underpinning a new vision of reality. One is now called to dedicate one's being, mind, and consciousness to the performance of a role in the dramatic actualization of such a vision in the fullest manner possible.
      Now the eon seems to place the aspirant in precisely the place and condition where she is most needed to perform the work which best suits her, to stand where she can most effectively perform transformative acts of "destiny." If the cycle has been mostly unsuccessful, or if one is unable to respond to the call of transformation, the eon may seem to bring cosmic retribution in the areas and activities symbolized by the planetary pair rather than opportunities to participate with the cosmos. Yet in so doing it clears the way to a new cycle offering yet another opportunity to redeem the past and to aspire toward the path of creative tomorrows. Even if the cycle has been mostly constructive, this phase brings opportunities for correction and realignment.

DYNAMIC: The cosmos moves through the creative individual, and in the magic of their interpenetration spirit is given living substance. The new Quality of being is made a living reality, its many aspects embodied by the many Unique examplars of its qualites.

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