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PHASE 16 - The Waxing Quincunx

KEYNOTE: Rapidly developed new qualities of being realize a reflective capacity.

SCENARIO: Goals envisioned and worked toward in the previous phases now assume a highly developed form, flaws and all. The new qualities unfolding through the cycle, rooted in the Quality of being revealed in the decile phase, should now stand on their own in full maturity. In another sense, the functions and activities symbolized by the planetary pair should now be operating effectively at a new level. Yet what is now seen and evaluated in many ways may not live up to the essence and potential of the archetypal Quality. Shadows of the past may be seen in flaws. Especially since the square, the growing force of individualism and interaction with an at times harsh environment have introduced an inevitable element of ego into the unfolding process.
      If a pastward attitude commands the direction of the cyclic process, now comes a last chance for realignment, or at least an opportunity to make the best of the situation and to execute some kind of "damage control." If a mostly futureward attitude has directed the course of unfoldment, this phase offers opportunities for improvement and the eradication of flaws.

DYNAMIC: As the sweep of the cyclic process approaches the opposition and the apex of the principle of objectivity, feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration may be featured in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. Here the stirring potential of the semisextile phase is glimpsed by its nearly fulfilled product in an experience of introspection and reflective evaluation.

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