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The essential aim of any psychologically valid astrology is to help individuals to respond ever more successfully to the challenges of everyday life. The true aim of astrology is to help the individual in seeing his or her "crises", small or big, as phases of growth – and not as either senseless and chaotic occurrences or steps on the road to personal frustration, defeat and disintegration.

In this article from 1944, Rudhyar explains how declination should be related to the concept of 'exaltation'; zodiacal longitude, to the principle of 'rulership'. Understanding this, we can better understand why particular signs of the zodiac have been traditionally mentioned as the 'signs of exaltation' of particular planets; otherwise the system of exaltation would appear puzzling and without any consistent order.
ADDED 18 JULY 2011.

Age gap relationships and May-December marriages have received much media attention recently, often critical. In this accessible article, Rudhyar explains the advantages of age gap relationships from an astrological approach, and reveals why relationships and marriage between two people of nearly the same age may not be entirely desirable.
ADDED 16 June 2011

From 1949, this unique series of four articles exposes the roots of many 21st Century problems. Jupiter and Saturn are symbols of all established and inherently static social-cultural and religious processes, the foundations upon which social normality is determined. Uranus and Neptune are representatives of forces and spiritual agencies which operate toward the close of the cycle of a society - to build the seed of a future civilization.
ADDED 31 July 2010.

Jupiter Neptune Cycle by Dane Rudhyar.

by Dane Rudhyar.
"The only cycle which gives us a very regular sequence of two planets' conjunction in every successive sign of the zodiac is Jupiter-Neptune cycle of 166 years," Rudhyar states and goes on to show in a manner especially meaningful for the world situation of 2009-2010. Importantly, the article shows how the current Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions in Aquarius corresponds with the previous conjunctions of 1843 — a period in time in strikingly similar to our own.
ADDED 5 December 2009.

Archived Articles
CYCLES OF SATURN by Dane Rudhyar. Saturn in a birth-chart indicates the manner in which the entire past of the Universe is focused upon that individual, conditioning his or her cycle of life-development. Saturn conditions, but does not control. It says: Here is your starting point. The universe, before you came, has gone so far; now, move on from here in your own way, the best you can. What you will accomplish from that point to the moment of your death will be your contribution to the universe.
ADDED 29 July 2010

MYSTERIES OF DREAMS AND SLEEP Out-of-print for more than sixty years, this revealing and accessible article shows how the astrological planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signify three classes of dreams. From 1956.
ADDED 1 August 2007

The Planetary Alphabet: Reading Your Celestial Name
by Dane Rudhyar. Everyone will enjoy this article presenting the astrological planets as the vowels and consonants of the celestial language of astrology. The article includes a brief sketch outlining the astrological significance of each planet. From 1966.
ADDED 3 November 2004

Sex and Countersex. In this fascinating article. which requires no prior knowledge of astrology, Rudhyar discusses astrology and human sexuality in a new way. From 1958.
ADDED 1 November 2004.

One Is Never Too Old To Begin Again In this prophetic and highly engaging article from 1967, Dane Rudhyar presents the 84-year cycle of Uranus as a significant symbol for the life-cycle of contemporary men and women. From 1967.
ADDED 1 November 2004
The Natal Houses - What Do They Represent? In this article Rudhyar treats the circle of twelve houses as the space surrounding the new-born, and how, in astrology, the houses represent twelve basic areas of human experience. In it Rudhyar also touches on why he uses the Campanus system of house division. From 1949.
ADDED 28 October 2004
Uranus vs. Saturn - The Value of Inconsistency. In this article, as significant today as when it first appeared in 1960, Rudhyar states that when a nation or, as today, the whole of humanity, has been shaken up by a crisis of extreme gravity, certain kinds of psychological reactions - symbolized by Uranus and Saturn - are almost inevitable. Read it and discover the Value of Inconsistency.
ADDED 24 October 2004.
Star Melodies. In this engaging article, which requires new prior knowledge of astrology, Dane Rudhyar - composer, philosopher and astrologer - uses the nativities of famous composers to present two fundamental approaches to music - Venusian Music and Neptunian Music. From 1957.
ADDED 24 October 2004.

Two Levels of Love. In this popular article Rudhyar show how love operates in two fundamental ways - one symbolized by Mars and Venus, the other by Uranus and Neptune. From 1963.
ADDED 24 October 2004.
The Planets and Their Symbols. This engaging five-part article shows how the astrological meaning of the planets can be seen in their symbols or glyphs. No prior astrological knowledge is required for this comprehensive and insightful work. From 1966.
ADDED 2 Feb 2004

The Birth Chart as a Celestial Message. "Your birth chart is the message of the universe to you - a message in the celestial language of symbols. But it can be deciphered, decoded. Astrology provides you with the means." Rudhyar's Address to the 1976 AFA Convention.
ADDED 2 Feb 2004

Clarifying Your Life Options with Astrology "The deepest reason for the recent spread of astrology is that at a time when so many options are possible, many people intuitively sense that astrology can help them clarify the nature of these options." From 1978.
ADDED 2 Feb 2004

Official Birthday and Solar Return Time. This fascinating article gives Rudhyar's personal account of this 84th Solar Return and explores the dilemma of official birthday charts vs. solar return charts. From 1979.
ADDED 2 Feb 2004

How You Can Create Your Own Security. How the astrological planets Jupiter and Saturn symbolize the human search for security and individuality. This highly accessible and compelling four part article is loaded with psychological insights. From 1971.
ADDED 11 Jan 2004

The Spiritual Value of Astrology The whole universe is focused in every human being according to a time-space formula, or "seed pattern" - one's birth-chart. From 1970.
ADDED 11 Jan 2004

To What Extent Are Life-Events Predictable? No prior astrological knowledge is required for this article addressing the fundamental and timely issue of astrology and prediction. From 1968.
ADDED 11 Jan 2004

The Riddle of the USA Horoscope. This article - which first appeared a few years before Rudhyar's The Astrology America's Destiny - neatly summarizes the main features of Rudhyar's time-proven 13 Sagittarius Rising United States birth-chart. From 1971.
ADDED 4 Jan 2004

The Future of Astrology - Profession or Revelation? What is astrology really for? Should astrological practice be officially recognized? And what about the downside of official acceptance and regulation? Learn what Rudhyar had to say about it when the issue of the "legalization" of astrology was a hot issue in the 1970s. From 1977.
ADDED 4 Jan 2004

The Three Faces of Your Horoscope. This accessible article discusses the place of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the birth-chart, along with explaining his use of the words "person" and "personality", closing with the key importance of the astrological houses and their role in person-centered astrology. From 1971.
ADDED 4 Jan 2004

Must You Be the Victim of Your Stars? No previous astrological knowledge is necessary for this highly accessible and engaging article on astrology and free-choice. This read is an easy and rewarding way to expose yourself to Rudhyar's astrological work. From 1967.
ADDED 4 Jan 2004

More Archived Articles

To Love or To Be In Love. In this accessible article of timeless value Dane Rudhyar explores the eternal question of human love. In so doing he sheds new light on the place, meaning and symbolism of the planets Venus and Neptune in astrology. From 1958

Man As A Solar System. Rudhyar offers fresh insights into the relationship of the macrocosm and the microcosm in this popular article.

Astrology - Sacred & Profane. This significant article shows there has always been two basic approaches to astrological knowledge - the Sacred and the Profane.

The Beauty of Aging. One of Rudhyar's most popular articles, The Beauty of Aging explores Saturn Transits, Saturn Returns and Transits of Neptune.

Statistical Astrology and Individuality. Explores the problems inherit in a statistical approach to astrology. One of Rudhyar's most important astrological articles.

Probing the Human Mind. Another one of Rudhyar's most accessible articles, Probing the Human Mind explores how Mercury and Pluto correspond with the two aspects of Mind.

An Attempt at Formulating Minimal Requirements for the Practice of Astrology. Deals with issues inherent in gaining official acceptance and recognition of astrology and its practice.

Address to the 1970 AFA Convention. From the early days of the Humanistic Astrology Movement.

Concerning My Involvement with Astrology. Rudhyar's last statement regarding astrology and his astrological work. From 1983.

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Most essentially stated, my ultimate aim in reformulating astrology has not been to help people using or studying astrology feel secure by avoiding the unpredictable and traumatic. It has been to transform the search for a static kind of security by avoidance into a search for a dynamic kind of security that can be achieved only through understanding the place and meaning of the cathartic and transformative in human life.
      In order to do this and in order to help astrologers not take for granted the exclusive validity of traditional formulas and aims, I have repeatedly asked the question, "What is astrology for?"
- from "Concerning My Involvement with Astrology"

Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) was the most important and influential astrologer of the 20th Century, introducing reforms to the ancient practice many practitioners and writers today take for granted, unaware of their indebtedness to Rudhyar's pioneering work. Rudhyar was also probably the most prolific writer on the subject, contributing 16 books and almost 1,000 articles to modern astrology.

 Newly Archived Astrological Articles by Dane Rudhyar

Thomas Jefferson Writes the Declaration of Independence by Dane Rudhyar. The Founders & Sustainers of Democracy. PART ONE: FREEMASONRY & 18th CENTURY DEMOCRACY. The ideal of Democracy which fired the lives and minds of the American Founders didn't come out of nowhere. In this timely and informative article - unseen for more than 66 years - Rudhyar explores the antecedents of American Democracy.  Part Two: Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin. In this fascinating piece Rudhyar takes a look at two instrumental figures in American Democracy and how their birth-charts signal their unique personalities and destinies.  Part Three: Thomas Jefferson Writes the Declaration of Independence. Here the reader is treated to one of Rudhyar's earliest presentations of the USA birth-chart with 13° Sagittarius Rising.  Part Four: Washington & the Constitution. Here Rudhyar examines the birth-chart of George Washington and Washington's unique place in the American Myth. The US Constitution and the forces behind its creation is also examined.  »Read it now.

The 1965-66 WORLD CRISIS The 1965-66 WORLD CRISIS by Dane Rudhyar. The US Presidential Elections will be held on 4 November 2008, a date coinciding with an exact opposition between Saturn and Uranus. The powerful opposition last occurred during 1965, along with a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. In this article from 1964 Rudhyar looks ahead to 1965, noting the days when Martin Luther King would receive the Nobel Peace Prize and the of momentous Berkeley Free Speech Demonstrations, by Dane Rudhyar. What the May 1968 Full Moon Portends. During the few months following the Summer of Love and preceding the tragedy and upheaval of mid-1968, Rudhyar wrote of the Full Moon of May 1968 and what could be expected during the weeks before and after it.  Three Years of Destiny for America, written during 1958, warns us about Nixon's "deep-seated complexes" and places special attention on the 24-hour period of the now famous fourth and final Nixon/Kennedy debate.
   The 2008 US Presidential Elections will be held on an exact opposition between Saturn and Uranus. The 1965-66 World Crisis surveys the 1965 Saturn-Uranus opposition, which also involved a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. From 1964, in this article Rudhyar looks ahead to 1965 and notes the days of Martin Luther King receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and the Berkeley Free Speech Demonstrations. The 4th Degree Scorpio: What Does it Portend?, written during October 1966, foresees a great turning-point in human evolution coming for mid-1967.  »Read it now.

A New Type of Lunation Guidance by Dane Rudhyar A NEW TYPE OF LUNATION GUIDANCE by Dane Rudhyar. In this article from 1951, Rudhyar explores a new way of looking that astrological transits and progressions.  A New Approach to the Zodiac is a revealing two-part series from 1962 which takes a fresh look at the zodiac, with special emphasis on the Four Elements and the Three Modes. Sex Factors in the Personality, from 1966, explains how the natal Sun and Moon factor as Sexual symbols while natal Jupiter and Saturn symbolize Countrasexual traits in human personality. From 1960, Great Turning Points in Human Life examines the cycles of the Moon and Saturn and how they factor into "the wave pattern of human development based upon a 7-year and 14-year rhythm". Pakistan & Ali Jinnah - written March 1948 - explores the Independence Movement in India, the founding of the Moslem League, and the creation of Pakistan.  »Read it now.

Problems We All Face, symbolized by the Astrological Houses. PROBLEMS WE ALL FACE, as symbolized by the Twelve Houses. In this provocative series of 12 articles from 1952-53 Rudhyar takes a fresh approach to the study of a birth-chart. Your birth-chart as a whole shows what you should develop into as an individual - the purpose of your existence on earth. The chart does not primarily describe what you are, but indicates the solution of your basic problems; it shows what you need, as an individual self, not as the mass of inherited physical, social and psychological tendencies which pressure you to conform. »Read it now.

Planetary Octaves and Rulership by Dane Rudhyar.     Planetary Octaves and Rulership is an important article from the 1950s everyone interested in astrology will want to read. It takes a new look at the question of planetary rulership in modern astrology. Learn why the planets rule the zodiacal signs they do - and why Pluto is a rightful ruler of Aries! Finally, Planets and Chakras takes an indepth look at the Chakras and the esoteric tradition of three sets of Chakras mentioned by H.P. Blavatsky, showing how the planets of astrology correspond with the Chakras.
     Mysteries of Dreams and Sleep, from 1956, is a revealing and accessible article showing how the astrological planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signify three classes of dreams. From 1977, Rudhyar's Formula for a Full Life discusses how the four angles of the birthchart can give significant clues regarding how to best realize a fuller life.
Planets before and after the natal moon. Planets Before and After the Natal Moon, by Dane Rudhyar. In this article, unseen for 45 years, Rudhyar provides fresh insights into a natal chart by discussing the significance of planets enclosed by the Sun and Moon, as well as how the planets the Moon conjoins immediately before and after birth figure into the individual's destiny.

 Archived Astrological Articles by Dane Rudhyar

HOW TO INTERPET THE LUNAR NODES IN A BIRTH CHART? by Dane Rudhyar HOW TO INTERPET THE LUNAR NODES IN A BIRTH CHART. This two-part article is an excellent guide to the Lunar Nodes in astrology. Part One explains the meaning of the Lunar Nodes in birth-charts, and Part Two explores the 19-year transit of the Moon's nodal axis around the birth-chart. Another article, The Moon's Nodes at Birth, examines the significance of the Lunar Nodes in the houses of a natal chart, and the importance of natal planets situated on a Lunar Node.
     NEPTUNE - Mother of Myths, Glamour and Uptopias is a fascinating article which requires no prior astrological knowledge. In it Rudhyar explores the many faces of Neptune and how its passage through the zodiacal signs symbolizes generational characteristics. The Clock of Your Inner Life discusses the nature of "objective" time and "subjective" time; it is an excellent introduction to the meaning and significance of progressions in astrology. How To Integrate Spontaneity and Planning shows how structure and spontaneity corresponds respectively with the astrological planets Saturn and Venus. "Venus gives to the poet his moods, his anguish, his ecstasies," Rudhyar writes, "but Saturn provides him with collectively understandable words and syntax."

Meditations on Saturn by Dane Rudhyar. MEDITATIONS ON SATURN In traditional astrology Saturn is known as the "great malefic" - the "big bad guy". But is the reputation justified? or does Saturn symbolize organic functions as necessary as any other astrological symbol? Meditations on Saturn takes an unbiased look at this misunderstood symbol.
     The Fourth Degree of Scorpio - What Does it Portend. Here's one of Rudhyar's most prophetic articles. Written during October 1966, in this engaging piece Rudhyar foresees a youth revolution - and a great turning-point in human evolution - coming for mid-1967. On 27 November two more contributions were added to our ongoing collection of articles on the astrological houses. The 8th House and Business is a fascinating and informative article serving a dual purpose - it sheds new light on the little understood eighth house, and also shows how the meaning of each of the twelve astrological houses unfolds. The Astrological Houses and Zodiacal Signs, is a popular article which requires no prior knowledge of astrology, presents the astrological houses as psychological factors and the signs of the zodiac as energy factors. When Rudhyar unleashed Humanistic Astrology in 1969, it didn't come out of nowhere; rather, it was an approach to astrology he had been formulating since the 1930s. The Harmonic Approach to Astrology, from 1948, outlines a new approach to astrology - "a rose by another name . . ."

Find Yourself in Your Horoscope by Dane Rudhyar.FIND YOURSELF IN YOUR HOROSCOPE. Want a introductory guide on what natal astrology is really about, and some tips on how to read your natal chart like a pro? Then this article is for you. It includes links to other articles in the Rudhyar Archive, so this is a great place to start your journey into the astrology of Rudhyar.
     The 1954 article Astrology and the Kinsey Report commemorates the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the release of a new film about his work; Happiness in Life's Middle Years, from 1955, is an article for everyone. Learn why as we reach middle life we need to assimilate zodiacal energies opposite to those predominate at our birth; The Planetary Alphabet - Reading Your Celestial Name, a perfect article for beginners; Star Melodies shows how the astrological planets Venus and Neptune symbolizes two approaches to music, it's illustrated with the birth-charts of famous composers; One Is Never Too Old To Begin Again is an engaging and prophetic work which is even more relevant today than it was in 1967; Sex and Countersex is a fascinating piece everyone will enjoy; we hear a lot about inconsistency these days, read Uranus vs. Saturn - The Value of Inconsistency for a look at the flipside; and The Two Levels of Love is a popular article from 1963 showing how love operates in two fundamental ways - one symbolized by Mars and Venus, the other by Uranus and Neptune.

Your Lunation Birthday by Dane Rudhyar. YOUR LUNATION BIRTHDAY, by Dane Rudhyar, is the first of a number of articles to be added on the Lunation Cycle and lunar factors. This four-part article is a short, popular version of some of the material which appeared in Rudhyar's 1946 book The Moon and Its Cycles - which was a precursor of sorts to Rudhyar's seminal 1967 book The Lunation Cycle. Your Lunation Birthday includes links to 41 online birth-charts which serve as examples of the Eight Lunation Types.
     On 14 November 2004 we added three articles on progressed lunation factors. Keynotes of Personal Unfoldment reveals how Progressed Lunation Charts symbolize a schedule or basic framework of lifelong personal unfoldment, What is My Nature explores your New Moon Before Birth Chart, and Progressions in Astrology presents the theory and use of astrological progressions - including converse progressions.

Circumstances and Opportunties by Dane Rudhyar. CIRCUMSTANCES AND OPPORTUNITIES is the latest addition to our ongoing section on the astrological houses. Not only is it a perfect article for beginners, it also provides fresh insights for experienced students. The article treats the astrological houses as life-circumstances, and the astrological planets as life-opportunities. "Any planet in a house," Rudhyar writes, "represents a type of opportunity which you are most likely to encounter in the category of circumstances represented" by that house.
      The Natal Houses - What Do They Represent? In this article Rudhyar treats the circle of twelve houses as the space surrounding the new-born, and how, in astrology, the houses represent twelve basic areas of human experience. In it Rudhyar also touches on why he uses the Campanus system of house division.

 Recently Archived Astrological Books by Dane Rudhyar

new masions for new men. NEW MANSIONS FOR NEW MEN, A Spiritual Interpretation of Astrology in the Light of Universal Symbolism by Dane Rudhyar. "This book," Rudhyar writes, "understood as a whole, is in truth an epic revealing through symbols taken from ancient astrological lore the basic cycles of the development of human consciousness." First published in 1938, this title is the sequel to Rudhyar's The Astrology of Personality .
»Read it now.

THE ASTROLOGY OF TRANSFORMATION - A Multilevel Approach by Dane Rudhyar. Published in 1980, this is Rudhyar's last astrological book. Rudhyar explores the many levels at which astrology may be studied and applied: from the biological level to the Transpersonal level where all that is symbolized in an astrological chart - especially transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - is used for the process of transformation to a higher level of being.
    Read The Astrology of Transformation and discover multilevel astrology.

 Archived Astrological Books by Dane Rudhyar

An Astrological Study of Psychological Complexes by Dane Rudhyar. This long out-of-print volume is packed with astro-psychological insights. "Astrology provides the 'structure,' psychology the 'contents'", Rudhyar writes in this accessible work. Learn about the psychodynamics' of planetary pairs: including Venus-Mars, Mercury-Jupiter, and others. An Astrological Study of Psychological Complexes includes significant material on retrograde planets.

The Pulse of Life - New Dynamics in Astrology, by Dane Rudhyar. The first truly modern book on the zodiac and its twelve signs. Essential reading for all students of astrology, The Pulse of Life presents the signs of the zodiac within the context of modern physics, philosophy and psychology.

A few copies of this hard-to-find title are also available in the Rudhyar Bookshop.

Click on to read Astrological Timing. Astrological Timing - The Transition to the New Age, by Dane Rudhyar. Here's the most comprehensive book ever on the coming Aquarian Age and the timing of its commencement. Astrological Timing additionally presents an indepth look at the long cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto through the ages and how they tie in with historical developments and human evolution.
   To top it off, in Astrological Timing Rudhyar explores the subject of geodetic equivalents - how the zodiac corresponds with earth zones. Learn why Lhasa, Tibet is the most Scorpionic place on earth . . . and more! This long-unavailable volume is as timely and significant today as when it first appeared in 1969. You won't want to miss this important and provocative book.

A few copies of this hard-to-find title are also available in the Rudhyar Bookshop.

The Astrology of America's Destiny - A Birth-Chart for the United States, by Dane Rudhyar. This is the only book featuring a US Horoscope with a 13°10' Sagittarius Ascendant, based on historical records. The long suspense regarding the Year 2000 American Presidential Election ended within 36 hours of an exact Pluto transit of the United State's Ascendant. Later, the unprecedented attack on US soil on 11 September 2001 occurred when Pluto was within one-half degree of the USA Ascendant. Now, after decades of neglect, this birth-chart of the United States has become widely accepted in the astrological community.
     Discover why The Astrology of America's Destiny is as timely and significant today as when it first appeared in 1974. Read this long out-of-print work.

Click on to read free online. The Practice of Astrology by Dane Rudhyar. This accessible and significant work is a must read for everyone involved with astrology. Long out-of-print, The Practice of Astrology is the perfect book to become acquainted (or reacquainted) with Rudhyar's astrology. It presents a clear, well-organized procedure for the study and practice of astrology. Read it and learn what most people involved in astrology today have forgotten!

Click on to read free online. From Humanistic to Transpersonal Astrology by Dane Rudhyar. The story of Rudhyar's long astrological career, offering insights into the conditions and circumstances which led to his reformulation of astrology for the post-quantum age. Learn about the development of Humanistic Astrology and how it led to Rudhyar's formulation of Transpersonal Astrology - and discover what these often misused terms really mean!
      This small, engaging volume sheds significant light on the astrological houses and why Rudhyar used the Campanus System, as well as why Humanistic and Transpersonal astrology requires a chart graphic depicting the horizon and the meridian as perpendicular axes. Out-of-print for decades, this little gem is required reading for all humanistic astrologers and for anyone interested in Rudhyar's approach to astrology. Read it and learn what it is really about!

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