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Jupiter and Saturn in Astrology
How You Can Create
Your Own Security
by Dane Rudhyar

First Published in
Zodiac Magazine
April 1971

Why We Feel Insecure

Security is on nearly everyone's mind these days. Everywhere the cry is being heard: Give us security! Yet mankind has never before had even a fraction of the power it now has to provide security for its individuals. It seems though, that just as security can be assured for human beings, the greatest sense of insecurity and profound anxiety prevail. This is a paradoxical situation; but such paradoxes, such seeming absurdities, arise in human's life when we has evolved to the point where we realizes that one must become more deeply aware of something that is very fundamental to him; one must face some basic life-situation in a new way; one must outgrow a superficial attitude and develop a new facet of his personality.
      Every living organism seeks security, for our world is one of sharp competition, of struggle to obtain what we call "the necessities of life." But what are these necessities of life?
      Food, shelter, clothing are necessary for the maintenance of life. In every age man has sought, by means fair or foul, to obtain these three things yet, obviously, these are not sufficient to give most human beings a sense of security. They do not calm his anxiety. Today all human beings could have sufficient food, shelter and clothing, if . . . and there is an "if"! And it is this "if" that tells the deeper story. Mankind possesses enough productive power to provide all men with the primary necessities, but the way we use this power is ineffectual. What we produces is not produced so that it can fill the primary needs of all men because as soon as the strictly biological and minimum need for food, shelter and clothing is satisfied, other "needs" take shape within us. Not only does one want more food, better shelter and more refined clothing, one craves psychological and social security. Our ego has to feel as secure as our body or else another kind of anxiety may develop and torture us. And it is in order to try to overcome this "higher" form of insecurity and anxiety that we makes it nearly impossible for many other human beings to obtain life's bare necessities.
      Thousands of billions of dollars have been spent by mankind for war, protection from war, and the results of war in the last fifty years. Nations did not and do not feel secure; their collective ego did not feel secure. Individuals in every country, though of wealthy privileged families, did not feel secure; their egos did not! Many children in good, well-to-do families often feel as psychologically insecure as half-starving children in the slums. Psychiatrists and psycho-analysts can earn fortunes trying to calm the insecurity and anxieties of their rich clients or patients, children, as well as grown-ups. In every country the demand for "social security" is growing; but this kind of social security is needed because of modern man's increased psychological insecurity. If Hitler, and those who rushed eagerly to his side, had not felt so tragically insecure, as egos, millions of human beings would not have died nor experienced the torment of sheer biological insecurity, starvation and depravity.
      The need for security is indeed complex. The newborn child needs to feel secure at several levels. He needs food, but he needs as much what we call rather vaguely "love." He needs materials for his growth; but this growth must also take place in a fairly steady state of relationship with other human beings, with his parents and his siblings (brothers and sisters), with his comrades and his teachers, and indeed with his whole community. Later on, he will also have to feel that the whole world and existence itself particularly his own existence makes sense; and it makes sense to the degree he feels himself adequately related to a world in which he can perceive order and some kind of purpose.
      The problem of security is therefore basically a problem of human relationship. National and social security begins in the individual; it begins in the state of relationship in which the child grows. The child must feel vitally and warmly related to those human beings who surround his growth; he must feel that this relationship is at least basically steady and ordered that it makes sense. These two kinds of feelings refer in astrology to Jupiter and Saturn. They are interconnected, just as these two planets are. There must be relatedness Jupiter. This state of relatedness must manifest actually and concretely as a steady, ordered, significant and purposive relationship Saturn.
      A study of what these planets mean from the psychological point of view can be of great value to the astrologer aware of his responsibility to the client to whom he offers, directly or indirectly, a form of psychological guidance whether the client likes to admit it or not. It is therefore essential that the astrologer practicing his art understands the deeper psychological aspects of the planetary tools he is using and does not contribute to the insecurity of his client.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill.
Copyright © 1971 by Dane Rudhyar.
All Rights Reserved.

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