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Sex and Countersex by Dane Rudhyar.


Dane Rudhyar

Age gap relationships and May-December marriages have received much media attention recently, often critical. In this accessible article, Rudhyar explains the advantages of age gap relationships from an astrological approach, and reveals why relationships and marriage between two people of nearly the same age may not be entirely desirable.

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Age Gap Relationships by Dane Rudhyar.

Because of social and educational conditions which I shall discuss presently, a very large section of the American youth recently has been adopting an attitude toward the age problem in marriage which has results far more important than they seem to be when considered superficially. The parents of these youths have helped in many cases to encourage this attitude, not realizing what it is leading to. It has become fashionable for teen-agers to marry in college, even often before ending high school. The prevalent idea is that the boy and girl should be very nearly the same age.

Seen from the astrological point of view, this trend has significant results — and results which can well be considered to be rather unfortunate, generally speaking. Not unlike results follow also the vast multiplication of births; and to a lesser extent, these are also influenced by the lengthening of the average life of human beings past, let us say, age 60. All these trends have been discussed and studied by sociologists and economists, for they affected deeply the balance of forces in a society and in any specific grouping of people. But they have not, to my knowledge, been seen on the background of astrological ideas; and I believe they should, for astrology gives to them an added meaning.

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