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Jupiter Skill Symbol people tend to function well in social situations and when dealing with big social issues. They like occupying important positions in the world and have a knack for knowing how to advance themselves and prosper. As Guiding Planet, Jupiter bestows a sense of social responsibility, and often a religious or philosophical outlook.

Some Jupiter Oriental people include promethean woman Victoria Woodhull, painter William Blake, physicists Albert Einstein, and opera star Maria Callas.

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Jupiter Guiding Planet

Your skills and resources are many, and you have a knack for getting things done simply by taking things as they come. You have a social sense and possess a natural skill for handling people and social activities. Jupiter Skill Symbol people often seek prestigious careers, they typify senior executives, lawyers, politicians and people in positions of social and economic power. When in a tough spot, you do well to keep your spirits high and rely on friends and personal resources. You work best with others and on tasks which, while requiring a wide range of abilities, do not necessarily require a high degree of skill in a single area. Your generosity, social ease and ability to delegate are great assets, yet there might be a bit of a snob or money-chaser beneath the finesse.
      Jupiter Guiding Planet denotes a capacity for tuning into and seeing the big social, philosophical, religious, economic and political picture, and an ability to sense where one best fits for the good of society, or where one is most likely to prosper. Often conventional in their aspirations, Jupiter Oriental types are frequently driven to seek wealth and positions of power and status, and self-awareness and a deep questioning of motive may be needed to keep the highly ambitious aspect of Jupiter Skill Symbol in balance with the social responsibility implicit in Jupiter Guiding Planet.

As expected, Jupiter Oriental is frequently seen in the birth-charts of individuals concerned with religious and social issues who find themselves playing a public role in the promotion of their cause or beliefs. The natal horoscope of Victoria Woodhull, one of the first promoters of sexual freedom and woman's liberation, features Jupiter Oriental on the Ascendant rising less than a degree before the Sun and forming a destiny-driven septile to the Moon in the second house Scorpio. Mercury Prometheus retrograde rises seven degrees before Jupiter and the Sun, perhaps compensating for some of Oriental Jupiter’s conventionality. The whole package suits one of the most promethean women of all time. Woodhull was not only a very visible political activist who once stood for the office of U.S. President, she was also a spiritualist, one of the first "channel writers" and a natural food advocate.
      Dancer Ruth St. Denis was also born with Jupiter Oriental, rising twelve degrees before the Sun, with Mercury Prometheus retrograde rising six degrees before Jupiter. Oriental Jupiter forms a "yod" configuration with the Moon and Saturn. St. Denis held a highly visible and prestigious position in society during the early decades of the 20th Century and was recognized, along with Isadora Duncan, as one of the two leading "modern" dancers of the time. With Ted Shawn, she established a prestigious school of dance in Hollywood. Much involved with neo-theosophy and activities at nearby Krotona Institute of Theosophy, St. Denis spent more time lecturing her students — the group included the first truly modern dancer, Martha Graham — on neo-theosophy and oriental philosophy than on teaching dance.
      William Blake, the 18th Century painter and mystic whose work shows highly romantic, mystical and religious imagery, was born when Jupiter was Oriental in Sagittarius. Born with Jupiter Guiding Planet, Albert Einstein possessed a strong social conscience and a profound religious, mystical and philosophical streak – he even keep a copy of Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine on his desk for inspiration. Maria Callas, one of the most successful and accomplished women her generation, was born with the Sun on the Ascendant, and with Jupiter rising eight degrees earlier.
      An intense need to win and succeed, and to gain worldwide status as "the best," is one aspect of Jupiter Oriental. The extraordinary birth-chart of champion figure-skater Tonya Harding features Jupiter Oriental rising three degrees before the Sun, with Venus retrograde rising two degrees ahead of Jupiter, and the three planets are in tight opposition to a conjunction of the Moon and Saturn retrograde, which stands alone as a "singleton pair."

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