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Neptune Skill Symbol types are often the most allusive and difficult people to understand. They are often highly imaginative, possessing wonderful, perhaps psychic, insights, or their talent for abstraction may place them in the worlds of science or high technology. Either way, their true character and motives may remain a deep mystery to everyone around them. As Guiding Planet, Neptune may bestow deep compassion, or its guiding light may be colored by passivity and indulgence, or inverted into domination and exploitation.

Some Neptune Oriental people include rock stars Kurt Cobain and Grace Slick, the intuitive physicist Enrico Fermi, and Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

Learn more about Neptune in the section on The Planets - Celestial Organs and Their Functions. Read about the very long cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and how they correspond with cycles of culture in the online booklet, A Call to Transformation.

Neptune Guiding Planet

You have a special, innate affinity for things psychological, abstract, mystical, transcendental and musical. Your are probably highly imaginative with a sharp intuition, and you may be inclined toward seeing the mystical or transcendental side of things. Although you may not be sharply focused regarding the practical side, or tend to place a lower priority on mundane matters, understanding how your duties and tasks fit into a whole may increase your productivity. The astrological planet Neptune corresponds to higher mathematics and other nerdy activities like computer programming, and today Neptune Skill Symbol people may find a place there.
      Neptune Skill Symbol people can certainly get things done, but more than most they need to be motivated by realizing and accepting what they are working toward, and they need the respect of their coworkers. Otherwise any activity may seem akin to bondage and slavery, of just plain meaningless. Because Neptune provides you with some very special, highly private insights, goals and characteristics, others may find you and your motives difficult to understand, even mysterious and incomprehensible. And you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to explain yourself adequately to others. Not that you are inarticulate or others are particularly slow, but because the highly personal, or even transcendental, nature of your insights, goals and guiding faculties are not easily explained
      As a Neptune Guiding Planet type, you may have a compassionate nature and a special knack for understanding the difficulties of others, of sympathizing with them and acting as a counselor. But you may also have a tendency toward either ruthlessness and exploitation or passivity and playing the victim. When confronted with difficult situations, try to see all side of the issue, then work out a harmonious solution that includes everyone. Neptune is the planet that provides the strongest psychic guidance, and its guidance may come in flashes, visions, dreams, gut feelings, hunches, happenstance or, most valuable of all, a holistic comprehension of people, situations and life.
      It should be stressed that the Planet of Oriental Appearance does not necessarily indicate the precise career or occupation for which one is best suited. As Skill Symbol it represents the skills and faculties which are valuable personal assets, regardless of the particular area in which they are applied. Although Neptune is the planet most connected with music, it does not figure largely as Skill Symbol in the birth charts of famous and successful musicians and composers. Indeed, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are more likely Skill Symbols for successful musicians and composers. This makes sense because to succeed in the field of music (and most other fields) much more than talent is required. The composers and musicians whose names have been immortalized often achieved success through their skills and faculties for self-promotion, communication, socializing, goal setting, determination, perseverance and putting on airs of authority.

Kurt Cobain is one musician born with Neptune in Oriental Appearance who achieved tremendous success and recognition – for a short time – and he is today regarded as the most influential rock musician of his generation. Cobian’s birth chart features Neptune in Scorpio rising a great distance (ninety-seven degrees) before the Sun, and a member of a extraordinary Kite formation which is described in the feature Kurt Cobain – Why Did He Die?
      A key figure in the San Francisco Psychedelic Movement, Grace Slick is another Oriental Neptune type who realized acclaim in the world of rock music. Like Cobain, she was born with a rather extraordinary natal chart, and both names are closely linked with drugs and the drug culture. Although in recent years Grace has tired to greatly downplay her drug experience, as well as the sincerity of her rather radical, if not outright revolutionary, politics, she will forever be known as the Queen of Acid Rock and the Voice that Launched a Million Trips.
      We can only wonder what are the drugs of choice Neptune Orientals Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates indulgence in. But power and control are certainly potent and highly addictive drug substitutes, and the domination-submission syndrome is certainly in Neptune’s domain. The birth-chart of Bill Gates has Neptune rising seven degrees before the Sun, and it is close to the midpoint of a cluster of six planets, all within forty-one zodiacal degrees. As mentioned, mathematics, computer programming and nerddom are in Neptune’s domain. Neptune is also the planet of unknowns, mysteries and intangibles, and what Bill is really all about is perhaps one such intangible. Like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton was also born when Sun was in the early degrees of Scorpio, with Neptune Oriental in Libra, rising twenty-one degrees before the Sun. In Hillary’s birth-chart, Oriental Neptune forms a productive sextile aspect to a very tight Mars-Pluto conjunction in the fifteen degree of Leo – perhaps a good place to look if one really cares to know what she is about.
      Neptune Oriental people can be highly focused and productive individuals who use their intuitive, if not psychic, insight into nature to make important contributions to science. Physicist Enrico Ferme possessed an uncanny skill for accurately theorizing the sub-atomic realm. He was born with Neptune as Guiding Planet rising ninety-four degrees before the Sun.

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