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Pluto Skill Symbol types are among the most intense, charismatic and powerful people. They often have special insights into the hidden side of things and the secret agendas of others. They are adapt at creating new systems and theories, and like to strip things down to the bare essentials, revealing core issues and fundamentals. As Guiding Planet, Pluto may bestow penetrating insight into people and things, giving one a vision of the ultimates of existence. It guides one through the long and often arduous path to a larger, transpersonal destiny, and those that follow its directive and exemplify its life are often misunderstood and rejected in their lifetime.

Some Pluto Oriental people include Sigmund Freud, H. P. Blavatsky, statesman Nelson Mandela, and rock stars Sean Lennon and Ani di Franco

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Pluto Guiding Planet

Your special skill lies in your penetrating insight which enables you to develop and introduce new systems and principles of organization. Pluto Skill Symbol corresponds with the power to give old ideas and concepts new meaning and vitality, and the personal force and charisma to inspire and lead others. You have a knack for seeing the hidden side of things and the secret agendas of others. Your powers of persuasion and your penetrating insight into people and things may be your greatest asset, but it also carries the germ of manipulation.
      Pluto Oriental people tend to be very intense and possess a high degree of personal force and will. With tremendous charisma and a commanding presence, they seldom go unnoticed and they may be feared as much as loved. When faced with obstacles, your first response is probably to simply blast through opposition, forcing others to conform with your views and expectations, but you may do better by tuning into the Guiding Planet aspect of Pluto. Look at the big picture, get a handle on the "ultimates," listen to the views of others, and take all possibilities into account before pursuing a course of action with the intensity and firm determination typical of Pluto Skill Symbol people.
      People born with Pluto Oriental have a special, inside track to the ultimates involved in any situation, and they often like to strip things down to the bare essentials, so they can see what’s really important. As a Oriental Pluto type, you may be painfully ahead of your time. Attempting to get others to see things from your ultimate, inclusive perspective may be frustrating. Try to develop patience and avoid condemning people who have difficulty seeing things your way.

In view of the above, we should expect Pluto Oriental people to figure among the most potent and influential personages, and what was written is generally true of any Plutonian type, including people born with Pluto on an angle. Two of the most influential people of the 19th century, who played large roles in shaping the features of the 20th century mind, were born when Pluto was Oriental. Regardless of his true time of birth, Sigmund Freud was born with Pluto Oriental, an excellent symbol for a man who forced humanity to own its subconscious mind! The 20th century would not have been the 20th century without his contribution. Nor would it be lacking H. P. Blavatsky, whose mission it was to "change the mind of the 20th century." Indeed, Blavatsky first opened the western mind to comparative religion and everything today loosely called metaphysical and "new age." Born into an aristocratic Russian family, Oriental Pluto is in her natal eleventh house, rising a great distance before the second house Leo Sun, and both are involved in powerful oppositions. In her time, it was said that the only woman in the world holding more influence and a greater number of followers than HPB was Queen Victoria.
      In our time, Nelson Mandela exemplifies a successful Pluto Oriental, born when Pluto rose twenty degrees ahead of the Sun, and near Jupiter. The success of his early political activities aimed at achieving equal rights for Blacks in South Africa, assisted by his tremendous charisma, earned him decades in prison. But in the end his goals were achieved and he won worldwide respect and honor as a statesman and humanitarian.
      The birth-charts of two of the most unique and independent voices on today’s music scene, Sean Lennon and Ani di Franco, feature Pluto Oriental. Sean Lennon, whose chart shows Pluto rising six degrees before an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury retrograde, exemplifies the quiet aspect of Pluto as Guiding Planet, but his outstanding charisma and presence suggests he may play a large role in the future. Ani di Franco is gifted singer-songwriter regarded as a goddess incarnate by her fans, and she has done it all — very much her way. Refusing to sell-out in any way, shape or form, Ani started her own record company to preserve the integratity of her work and maintain control over our her sound and image. Her natal horoscope features Pluto in late-Virgo rising three degrees before the Sun in the first degree of Libra. The two straddle the Midheaven and a very close Mars-Mercury conjunction in the ninth house rises fourteen degrees before Pluto.

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