Michael R. Meyer, 2011. Photo by Famous Empty Sky.
A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer is a remarkable work which I commend highly . . . Michael R. Meyer has performed a very real service to astrology.
    Dane Rudhyar

Michael R. Meyer, apart from being a friend, is also probably one of the most important astrologers of our time. After studying Astrology for many years myself, I find his work to be profound and enlightening. His depth and ‘breadth’ of knowledge, and more importantly ‘understanding’ of this vital subject, is so reassuring at a time when there are so many ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’ merchants on the scene.
   Dave Davies
   Founder of the Kinks,
   Father of Hard Rock
   Psychic Researcher

Writer, Artist, Astrologer Extraordinaire
MICHAEL R. MEYER has more than 45 years experience in the field of metaphysics. During the late-60s and early-70s, Michael was recognized by Dane Rudhyar band Marc Edmund Jones as an astrological and metaphysical prodigy. A world citizen, Michael has lived in New York City, Berkeley, Palo Alto, West Hollywood, Kathmandu, Amsterdam, and South America.
      Since the 1960s, Michael has worked hard at living-up to his reputation as the enfant terrible of astrology, always challenging established authority and outmoded mindsets. Along the way, he has hung with and talked astrology and metaphysics with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Terence McKenna to physicist Fritjof Capra; from Allen Ginsberg to Beat artist Michael Bowen to iconic Stevie Nicks.
      As an "astrologer's astrologer," Michael R. Meyer has helped countless astrologers refine their art and better help their clients. As a consultant and teacher, he has developed and taught highly effective techniques capable of penetrating quickly to the core issues at hand. Michael is also the creator of CyberWorld Khaldea and the designer and developer of KhaldeaTechnology, which includes Khaldea2001, the KhaldeaEphemeris and the KhaldeaCalendar.
      A principal associate of Dane Rudhyar, Michael is the publisher and editor of the Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar series.

Humanistic, Core-Issue Astrology
MICHAEL R. MEYER is author of the astrological bestseller A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, one of the most influential and widely read books on serious astrology published during the 20th century. A Handbook introduced astrology to a new generation of educated seekers turning to astrology not to know "what will happen and how it can be avoided if it's unpleasant" but to better understand their essential characteristics and to discover their innate potential and life purpose. Readers first exposed to serious astrology through this volume figure largely among today's leading astrologers and astrological writers.
      In his practice, Mr. Meyer focuses on showing clients the fundamental principles of astrology at work. He guides them in a highly effective, collaborative reading in which the client experiences astrology directly and learns self-reliance instead of being told what to do. Countless collaborative sessions support his view that anyone can quickly learn the core principles of astrology and how to use them to effectively read their own chart and improve their life and relationships.
      Such a conviction has always been at the foundation of Michael's work and writing. His A Handbook intentionally avoided the usual cookbook format, and the extensive reliance on memorized fragments such an approach requires, in favor of exploring astrology's core principles. In it and in his other works, such as LUNATION PLANNING - Nature's Own Time Management Tool, and The Astrology of Relationship, he demonstrates his unmatched ability to make astrology accessible to everyone.
      Now — as things come full circle on the astrological scene after several years of ancient revivalism and over-hyped promotion of "powerful predictive techniques" — a younger generation is once again being attracted to astrology as a gateway to gaining self-understanding, while older generations are returning to humanistic values. Michael R. Meyer is at the forefront of this movement, and his provocative and uncompromising 1996 booklet, Humanistic Astrology Revisited, turned the tide back toward humanistic values. Michael's renown has always reached far beyond any local scene, and he has supporters and students worldwide. His work appears on the worldwide web and he can be found at his website, CyberWorld Khaldea

Read the Preview
from Freakstreet to Dharmapath
My Twenty-Eight Transformations
by Michael R. Meyer

Journey back in time to the 1960s, read the backstory. Travel from New York's Greenwich Village to California. Everyone's there—Allen Ginsberg, Jimi Hendrix, Owsley, even 19 year-old Ms. Stevie Nicks. Read it now . . ."

Photo by Famous Empty Sky
photographed 16 March 2011
Imperial Tea Garden, Berkeley, California.

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