from Freak Street to Dharmapath by Michael R. Meyer.

from Freak Street to Dharmapath

My Twenty-Eight Transformations

by Michael R. Meyer


Chapter One:
Out of the Void, Into Chaos
Celtic Witches and 32° Viking Freemasons
Battles of Will and Psychic • Seasons of Birth

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Chapter Two:
Psycho Mom
Flowers in the Attic? • Hansel and Gretel • Sex Miseducation
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Chapter Three:
Living in a Distorted Reality
The Three Faces of Eve • Date with a Pedophile
The Birth of Rock • The Beat Generation • Rock and Roll Girls
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Chapter Four:
High School Alienation
Awaking from the American Dream • Father's Death
An Education of Lies • The Funny Farm Blues
The Doors of Perception

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Chapter Five:
Freaks of the Village
Greenwich Village • Acid Freaks • The Mothers of Invention
The Fugs • Jimi Hendrix • Michael Bowen
Timothy Leary & the Millbrook Scene • First Human Be-In

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Chapter Six:
I Stood Up the Queen of Rock
The Summer of Love • The Family Dog • Owsley
The East Farthing Trading Company • Ms. Stevie Nicks

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Coming Next:
Chapter Seven; late-1967 to mid-1968

• I return to NYC, meet-up with The Grateful Dead and The Group Image.

• At Hitchcock's psychedelic estate outside Millbrook, I talk synchronicity and astrology with Art Kleps. Hang with the Teepee Town Tribe. Owsley gets busted. G. Gordon Liddy busts the Millbrook estate, Tim Leary and Billy Mellon-Hitchcock.

• I return to California. The first person I meet is Pattie Santos of the San Francisco rock group It's A Beautiful Day. While living in Berkeley, I meet composer/astrologer Dane Rudhyar, artist Jose Auguelles (who decades later would be a proponent of the Year 2012 craze) and others.

My 1995 article on meeting Rudhyar can be found here.

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