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SELECTED POETRY by Dane Rudhyar - Selection One. Read some of Rudhyar's finest works of poetry: Cloture Now Comes the MomentHymmn To ShivaHymn to AgniThe TestTheurgy.

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Concerning My Poetry and Its Place in My Creative Activity, by Dane Rudhyar. Learn about poetry's place in Rudhyar personal and creative life. In this work Rudhyar also discusses the social function of bards and poets . From 1983. Appearing here, now, for the first time.

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In my poetry, and in a different way in my piano music, the more personal aspect of my being finds its most direct expression. Yet to speak of personal expression is only a superficial way of considering these manifestations of a creative and, especially, a transformative impulse which has pervaded my whole being, and which required crucial events to be released and embodied in concrete images, words and tones. The most significant of these manifestations should be considered transpersonal rather than personal; for the personal events and crises were but lenses to bring to a focus the release of feelings, thoughts and spiritual realizations which were in fact necessary in the accomplishment of my destiny.
- from "Concerning My Poetry
and Its Place in My Creative Activity"

After finding doors to the musical world closed to him after the rise of Neo-Classicism, Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) looked toward philosophy, metaphysics, astrology and literature as creative outlets.
     In 1929, following the death of a close friend, Aryel Darma, Rudhyar wrote the avant-garde epic narrative RANIA. Though not directly biographic, the narrative incorporates the character of some of the people and situations he encountered in the film world and in theosophical circles. During the 1950s, in When Cosmic Love Awakens and Return from No-Return, Rudhyar used the science-fiction medium to dramatize metaphysical and transphysical concepts.

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RANIA by Dane Rudhyar. RANIA is an epic narrative of the evolution of a woman's soul. It is the heroic pilgrimage of a woman's being, exalted and enslaved, possessed and discarded, struggling for freedom. This is Rania's tortuous search for spiritual growth, ultimately sustaining her in her final battle with the Powers of Darkness. Read it now.

 Archived Works of Fiction by Dane Rudhyar

Magnet of Love by Dane Rudhyar, 1952. Copyright © 2001 by Leyla Rudhyar Hill. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. WHEN COSMIC LOVE AWAKENS - A Transpersonal Love Story by Dane Rudhyar. A previously unseen occult fiction novella. There was a conjunction of Venus and Mars on Valentine's Day 1951. Now, more than fifty years later, read the story of what happened on that day to two men and a woman who worked in a New York City science fiction magazine office, and their remarkable meeting with Mr. Ramar, who showed them how to travel to the planets within. Read it now . . .

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