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 The Eighth House and Business by Dane Rudhyar.


by Dane Rudhyar

The 8th House and Business is a fascinating and informative article serving a dual purpose - it sheds new light on the little understood eighth house, and also shows how the meaning of each of the twelve astrological houses unfolds.
    "What is essential is not the few traditional definitions," Rudhyar writes, "but a thorough grasp of the significance of the sequence of the houses. The whole wheel of the twelve houses is to be seen as the entire field of man's experiences on the Earth. This entire field divides itself according to certain principles, the understanding of which establishes without any shade of doubt the essential meaning of each house."

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The Eighth House and Business by Dane Rudhyar.

When we consider that the main preoccupation of most people today, particularly in the United States, is to take care of some kind of business and that business problems are constantly confronting us, it is quite strange that the astrologer has no very definite place to look for which matters in an ordinary birth-chart. Yet it seems strange only if we realize that astrology is still largely based upon the ancient traditions of societies and cultures for which business had not the same nearly all-absorbing significance it has for us today.

Of course, the astrologer can refer to the second house of a chart for whatever concerns money, wealth, possessions. He thinks of the sixth and tenth houses when he deals with your job or profession. These matters — money, possessions, job, profession — have been established in the consciousness of mankind for millennia. Their ancient astrological fields of reference were, and to some extent remain, adequately covered by the usual symbolism of the second, sixth and tenth houses. But business is something else, even though it includes in most cases factors related to money, job and profession. Business is an activity that deals with the exchange of goods and of values, of money and of services. But what makes business really business is the exchange — or, rather, the interchange, the commerce (viz., the co-mingling of people, groups, organizations, nations, andso on.)

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