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Guiding Planet in the Houses

The house of your birth-chart (the section of space surrounding your birth) occupied by your Planet of Oriental Appearance provides insight into the particular area of human experience through which your innate skills, faculties and aptitudes may be best realized.

Oriental Planet in the First House. The first house represents experiencing yourself as a unique individual. If your Skill Symbol is in this house, you may be an exemplar of your chosen profession a representative or ideal man or woman who has integrated the qualities and functions of the Skill Symbol into the fabric of personality. With Skill Symbol in the first house, you may tend to over-identify with what you do remember, you are more than a job description, no matter how well you fill it!

Oriental Planet in the Second House. You possess strong and highly productive skills and abilities which are apparent in all that you do. You may use your Skill Symbol very resourcefully for the acquisition of possessions and resources or as a means to acquire resources enabling you to pursue your real or personal interests and goals.

Oriental Planet in the Third House. Here the Skill Symbol may be used for accumulating or dispensing knowledge, and you may be more a general practitioner than a specialist. At times you may do well to remember that knowledge and information in themselves have no absolute value. Indeed, data and knowledge can produce destructive results when exploited by a mind lacking compassion and a broad frame of reference.

Oriental Planet in the Fourth House. The fourth house deals with personal integration, security, ones root power and the home. You may best use your special skills and faculties in the areas of personal and cultural integration, and for securing a basis of operation.

Oriental Planet in the Fifth House. Whatever skills and aptitudes your Skill Symbol represents, they are well used in the area of creativity, self-expression and for gaining personal experience. With your Oriental Appearing Planet in the fifth house, you may find it leads you to risk-taking and speculation.

Oriental Planet in the Sixth House. Regardless of which planet figures as Skill Symbol, its location in the sixth house enables you to focus your special skills and faculties on critical situations. You may use your Skill Symbol for self-improvement and to resolve your own personal crises and the problems of others.

Oriental Planet in the Seventh House. With your Skill Symbol in the Seventh House, you work well in partnership and in direct contact with others. You may use your people skills either for your own benefit or to help others by playing the middleman or representative. You may need to remember that you are more than a social image and that others are not personal resources to be used.

Oriental Planet in the Eighth House. You are especially skillful at business and at sensing and using the energies generated and released by human relationship. Your skills and faculties may be well used in conducting happy, productive and mutually beneficial relationships. But in a negative way, the same faculties may be used for exploitation and for getting what you want.

Oriental Planet in the Ninth House. You may use your skills and faculties to better understand and formulate large ideas, concepts and philosophical, social, scientific or religious systems. Individuals with Oriental Planet in the ninth house are often media savvy and use their skills to expand human horizons and understanding.

Oriental Planet in the Tenth House. You may best use your special skills and faculties to either advance your own interests in the social and professional worlds or to contribute new social ideals to the world-at-large. Your Skill Symbol may bring your before the public eye. Once there, you may use your position and responsibility in the interest of public good, or to bask in the radiance of your own glory.

Oriental Planet in the Eleventh House. You can best use your special skills and faculties within the sphere of your social environment or group to either draw attention to yourself through a show of glitter or to dramatize the need for personal and social adjustments and improvements.

Oriental Planet in the Twelfth House. Whatever skills and faculties are represented by your Skill Symbol, you do well to focus them on "ultimates." You work well in private or performing research, and you may find a place in little-known, obscure, or abstract fields. In another sense, this configuration points to a situation where either big issues need to be neutralized through the Skill Symbol, or where your special skills and faculties may serve a more than personal purpose.


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