Time-management is key to success and accomplishment, and a plan outlining a series of achievable steps is crucial to the completion of any endeavor. Nature provides us with the most apparent and usable time management system in the monthly rhythm of the Lunation Cycle (the monthly cycle of relationship between the Sun and the Moon, as we experience it on earth). If you give attention to this natural cycle, and plan and execute your important activities according to its rhythm, you will soon realize greater success, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Such a statement might have seemed obvious to someone living in pre-industrial times, to someone who daily experienced a deep connection with nature and her cycles. But today we are a culture of city dwellers and office workers. Most of us have lost touch with the most fundamental cycles of nature. Few of us know the phase of the moon from day-to-day — even if we make a habit of always knowing the "moon sign." We enjoy artificial lighting and central heating, and we may live and work in an urban area where the sky is obscured by an artificial, architectural skyline. As a result, our lives, activities and relationships have become increasingly discordant and out-of-synch with natural cycles.
      Getting back in tune with natural cycles is increasingly important as modern living becomes evermore stressful and chaotic. That's one reason why daily moon phases are prominently displayed on the Khaldea Calendar, to help us attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of the Lunation Cycle, to help us get back in touch with "real-time" and to live more fruitful, successful and meaningful lives.

Lunation Planning is for Everyone!
Everybody has had difficulty finishing a project because they simply couldn't follow through to conclusion. Some pick-up and drop projects because they have trouble focusing on a single line of activity and developing it in a persistent, consistent manner. Others may be full of ideas, but somehow never get anything done. Constructive and resourceful individuals know how important time-management is to success.
      Regardless of which type you are, Lunation Planning can help you get and stay on the right track! If you just can't finish things, you will certainly improve your productivity by merely attempting to tune into natural cycles and patterning your activities according to Lunation Planning. If you are already managing your time pretty well, with Lunation Planning you'll discover how to organized your projects and enterprises more effectively, and you'll find yourself working in a more relaxed and natural manner.
      Lunation Planning is a natural, organic time-management system based on the 29.5-day Lunation Cycle and its 8 Phases. Everyone, in their own way, naturally feels and performs better when they tune-in to its rhythm. When guided by this natural cycle, our projects and endeavors — be they long-term or short-term, acted out by an individual or by a group — are more successful and rewarding. Lunation Planning is the oldest time-management tool. Lunation Planning is universal and has roots in every culture.

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You can use Lunation Planning without knowing astrology because it is based on Lunar Phases. You don't even need to know the Moon Sign to use and benefit from Lunation Planning, but if you want to integrate astrology with your Lunation Planning, the Khaldea Calendar provides the data and the Appendices provides accessible core astrological knowledge . . .

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