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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

Table of Contents

2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

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Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

CANCER - Page 2 of 3

In Cancer we witness a sudden cancellation of Gemini's eager extension. Boundaries are reached; the curiosity for new relationships is absorbed by an event which leads to a complete reversal of motion. The Sun stops in northern skies, and sunsets begin to bend southward. There is a brief pause and all things change polarity. The Day-force has reached its maximum intensity. It must slowly let itself be superseded by the matriarchal power of the Night-force. Wherever extension had reached, there definite boundaries are set. If they are to be pushed back still farther, it will be on a new basis of activity; on a social and mental, rather than on a physiological and personal basis.
      What has really happened to effect the reversal? Just this, that the individual self, being no longer able to resist the pressure of the universal life-force, has had to open itself to the universe and to society. Such an opening up could theoretically occur in any way best fitted to the individual's need. And it does occur freely and at every moment in the man who has reached a certain level of integration and freedom; in the man who has become free from the results of frustration and repressions imposed upon his growth by parents and antecedents, by the past of his race and if one believes in reincarnation of his Soul; free from subconscious as well as conscious memories.
      But in the ordinary man of today such memories, frustrations and failures are strong. Subconscious fears have arisen in Aries, biological-racial inertia and possessiveness in Taurus, intellectually crystallized formulations in Gemini. Thus when the individual faces, in Cancer, the reversal of his life-force and is flooded by universal life or confronted with the need of participating in human society after he has "come of age," the confrontation is highly upsetting. Irrational, biological, emotional, devotional forces rush from the unconscious and tend to overwhelm the conscious. Therefore the individual must be protected; the onsurge of the unconscious must be canalized, made safer. And this need is the reason for "Marriage" and for what the occultist calls "Initiation." One mate and one Initiator whereas all life could be mate and Initiator, if men bad the integrative strength sufficient not to be overwhelmed by the ever changing confrontations life would present to him; if man were conscious enough to be at any time and in any condition a focal point for universal life for God. And he would have no need of a wife or of child-bearing to force upon him in a particular way and in only one such manner the realization that his goal and his fulfillment are to be found in the discharge of his responsibility to life, in his conscious willingness to be a focus in and through which Life or God may speak.
      God might speak through the individual in myriads of voices, one for the need of every moment. But because the individual grew under the malformative influence of fear, inertia and mental crystallization, the stone of man is not a clear crystal. It must be ground. The individual must love and suffer, bend to homely tasks and deprivation, yearn amidst brief happiness and "give up his self" to find "Life eternal." Yet fulfillment, in essence and reality, is here and now. There is nothing to "give up," but fallacies. All that is needed to become a lens able to focus divinity is to become consciously what one inherently is, and to be it with clarity, in beauty and in truth.
      A lens to focus life. For the ordinary man at this stage of human evolution life here means "humanity"; it could mean, it will mean some day "divinity." The home and the "human, all too human" marriage are conditioned by the factor of "humanity" and "society" by the education received by the child, by parental frustrations. Abnormal development in childhood and adolescence makes the youth cling to the Day-force; makes him want it to grow and grow through an ever-extended Gemini phase. He should willingly and understandingly open himself to the increase of the Night-force. Such is the lesson of the summer solstice, of Cancer. There must be repolarization; but humanity today must be compelled to repolarize itself. It must be compelled to open itself to the Night-force, the Mystery of Space and the Brotherhood of the Stars; for it would not do it willingly, whether as individuals or as nations. And this is our present world problem.
      What is the nature of that compulsion? A sudden arousal of the irrational, instinctual, biological forces rooted in the blood; a sudden arousal of "feelings," of psychic visions also. We call this, "falling in love"; today also, in the social sphere, we call it mass-devotion to dictators extolling the "call of the blood" or to Prophets who bring to men in one particular form (whence dogmatism) the Revelation from God. These are various aspects of the same process in the individual and in humanity: this process is the change from Gemini to Cancer, that "conversion" which reverses the direction of the life-force.
      Let us realize that it need not be a violent, fanatic, passional "conversion." The biological-emotional or religious urge need not overwhelm the consciousness; but it will overwhelm it of necessity where the consciousness is un-free, set in ego crystallizations, unyielding, or steeped in "complexes" and glamour. That means, alas! mostly everywhere. And thus we have organized and set totalitarianism in all realms enforced unity as a perhaps unavoidable safeguard against utter disintegration; moral disintegration in the individual, anarchy in human society.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1943 by David McKay Company
and Copyright © 1970 by Dane Rudhyar
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