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Dane Rudhyar's Fire Out of the Stone. Image Copyright 2007 by Michael R. Meyer.

A Reformulation of the
Basic Images of the
Judeo-Christian Tradition

by Dane Rudhyar, 1962

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This title was first published by Sevire, 1963.

Cover for the online edition copyright © 2008
by Michael R. Meyer.

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"Thy God is a cosumming fire."
Duet. 4:25

"He shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire."
Matthew 3:11

"I am come to send fire on the earth."
Luke 12:49

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7. CRISIS AND SIN - page 5

"Jesus said unto them: If ye were blind, ye should have no sin; but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth."
John 9 : 41

(3) The "Marriage" of the Sons of God

According to Genesis (6:1 and following) "it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

The Bible fails to say who these sons of God (Ben Elohim} were; but their coming into the life-sphere on earth can only mean that spiritual entities, who did not belong to the evolution of the "living soul" which began with the formation of Adam, joined this earthly evolution. The Lord God being the ruler of the life-sphere and of the evolution of all life-forms, it seems evident that He likewise directed these "sons of Elohim" to participate in the evolution of the human soul for a definite purpose.

We can surmise that the participation of these spiritual entities was planned by God in order to bring to the "living souls" of men, born of the earth, a spiritual power, form or quality which they so far lacked; that is, the power of the "divine soul", the power of the Fatherhood. The creative power of the Father is only focused positively and in dynamic expression through the "divine soul". The coming of the "sons of God" represents therefore a "descent" (or involution) of spiritual entities endowed with creative power — a power with which neither the descendants of Seth nor those of Cain had ever been directly and personally acquainted.

The intimate experience (the "marriage") of the creative power of spirit by human beings who were essentially "living souls" — with either active intellectual overtones (Cain line) or with a strong psychic sensitiveness (Seth line) — was bound to produce a great crisis in the evolution of man's soul and consciousness. A serious risk was involved; and the result was a tragic failure.

"Marriage" means a blending of energies. The creative energies of the divine spirit (the sons of God) and the compulsive, repetitive energies of life churning the heavy materials of the earth (the daughters of men) were blended in at least some groups of human beings. The outcome was the birth of men of fame, great personages, "giants"; but it was also the gradual materialization and perversion of the creative power which had thus come into man's possession. Instead of transmuting the energies of life and spiritualizing the "living souls" of the daughters of men, the "sons of God" were drawn into the whirlpools, the compulsions and the materiality of the bodies of earth which they or their progeny had assumed. The "imaginations of the thoughts of their hearts" became dark and evil "continually" — and imagination is what most resembles in man the creative power of God. Thus the spiritual beings who were to bring the transforming power of spirit to man failed, and the daughters of men likewise proved unable to rise to the opportunity to mother a new race of spiritualized men.

This failure of creativity, this inability to transform, spiritward, the energies of life, eventually produced the sin of "satanism": creative power turned dark and destructive — black magic, in the real and awesome sense of the term; a combination of fear, anger and lust.

Fear, anger and lust are the basic sins of man. They constitute an inverted trinity polarized by hatred, as the divine Trinity is a threefold outpouring of love-compassion. Fear is the root-sin because it is the negative aspect of the Fatherhood of God; in its deepest aspect it is spiritual impotency. Fear is born of a feeling of lack of creativity, of a deep sense of inferiority and inadequacy which makes one recoil, helplessly and hopelessly, the moment one is touched by the creative power. As the dynamism of anger combines with fear, hatred is produced; and hatred blended with lust becomes "satanism". Satan is the negation and inversion of God — the "shadow" of all spiritual growth.

This Satanic shadow must appear wherever the soul refuses to grow, out of fear and inertia. It is therefore inherent in every crisis. It appears during any crisis of growth when the soul finds itself unable to meet adequately, deliberately, and with faith, love and hope, the challenge of the spirit — the challenge of self-transformation and creative renewal.

God is the challenger. God takes the "calculated risk". And as the risk becomes more dangerous and the issues more sharply defined, God must, by the very character of His eternal harmonic being, see Himself increasingly involved in humanity.

This involvement (or "involution") of the divine in the human reaches its climax when a man's soul is perfected enough to respond fully to the "incarnation" of God into this man. It is toward this climax that, in the Bible narrative, we see God working through and with especially sensitive men since the days of Noah; and as symbols of this divine involvement in human affairs we are told of several "covenants" God made with His human servants or agents. Thus begins the new method of soul-evolution, the process of soul-individualization under divine guidance.

God is the "E-ducator". He "leads out" the soul from the dark layers of the life-sphere — the symbolical Egypt — to the Land of the Promise. This land is the place of soul-maturity, where the individual can "know" the Father with the experience of the power of the Fatherhood. In this "knowing", fear, the original sin, loses its compulsive power. And man, experiencing himself a father "in the Name" of the One Father, is free from sin and, eventually, from death. He ascends to his true state: the state of divine Sonship.

This edition copyright © 2008 by Michael R. Meyer
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